Our Patrons

Our community is formally dedicated to Odin the Lord of Asgard and Gunnlod, His Etin-bride and guardian of the Mead of Poetry.

Our community's dedication to this pair does not mean that all members must be personally devoted to either one of Them (as devotion is a very personal matter), but that They must be given honor and respect by all who would enter our halls.  Other Northern Deities held in high regard by our community, and singled out for special devotion by some of its members, include Bestla (Odin's mother, whom I equate with Frau Holle), Frigga/Frija, Bragi, Idunna, and Loki.

As King of Asgard, Odin is no Henry VIII-style despot but rather the first among a tribe of equals. For this reason, our Fellowship has no gothi or gythja per se, but rather the guiding vision of its founding member (that would be me, Valgrind) supplemented by a system of rotating leadership in which we each take it upon ourselves to lead and organize holiday celebrations, study projects, book discussions, and other group events. Participation in any and all events is optional; however, as with any group you will get out of ours what you put into it.

At Odin’s side, Gunnlod contributes the wisdom and craft of Her own people, the Jotnar, just as every God born, married or adopted into the Aesir tribe contributes in His or Her own unique way to the welfare of Asgard. Similarly, we each have unique things to contribute to the Fellowship, and it is this mingling of diverse talents and perspectives that makes us what we are.

- Valgrind