What we're all about

Heathen lore tells us that, following the war between the Aesir and the Vanir (which ended in a truce, with the regenerating powers of the Vanir endlessly countered by the unfailing killing power of Odin, and vice versa), the two sides gathered together and—in a peacemaking gesture—everyone spat into a cauldron. (Okay, that sounds gross but remember, these are Gods we're talking about here!) The collected divine spittle was used in the creation of a magical being, Kvasir, who partook of all the best qualities of both tribes and during His lifetime was known as the best, wisest and most eloquent of all the Gods. Unfortunately, His lifetime was brief; He was murdered by jealous dwarves--but the story doesn’t end there. His blood—which still contained all the properties that had made Him such a paragon among the Gods—was then combined with honey and herbs and used to brew the Mead of Poetry, Odhroerir.

It is in the spirit of Odhroerir—the sacred mead, symbol of the unity of the Gods of Asgard regardless of birth or origin—that Odhroerir Fellowship has been founded. Formerly Odhroerir Kindred, we have restructured ourselves as a devotional community in order to recognize and honor the diversity of our members. Like the different tribes of the Northern Gods, we all follow different paths, but those paths are united by a single emphasis: devotion, just as the diverse Gods of Asgard are united by Their loyalty to the shining City at the top of the World Tree.