How can I join?

You don’t have to follow the Northern Tradition exclusively—or even primarily—in order to be a member of Odhroerir Fellowship. We are a group of people following divergent and in some cases syncretic paths who all find inspiration in Northern Tradition spirituality and mysticism.  We are not a local group but a far-flung one and indeed an international one, spread out not only all across the United States but also beyond the Atlantic. The common thread that unites all of us, however, is devotion: to our Gods and Goddesses, our paths, our own spiritual development, and our spiritual communities (however we may define them).

Being dual-trad or having allegiances beyond the Northern Gods is no bar to membership. However, any prospective new member must be personally known to at least one (and preferably more) of us, as we do consider ourselves a community in the true sense, and not as just a word. We help and support each other whenever possible, we honor one another’s spiritual choices, and we provide fellowship and a safe space where no one tells anyone else that they are “doing it wrong.”  Although we are not a local organization, local get-togethers to hold ritual, celebrate holidays or just talk and hang out are of course possible (and encouraged!) wherever two of more members are within reasonable proximity of one another. Currently, we have local membership “hives” of this type in New Haven, CT and Eugene, OR.

For more information on the Fellowship and/or becoming a member, contact Valgrind.