Some of our members observe the moon phases for the purpose of doing individual and usually solitary shamanic or ritual work.  The exact nature of this work varies with the individual but tends to resemble the following pattern:

Dark of moon/new moon - Honoring death Gods and the dead, healing the dead, bringing messages to the dead from the living and vice versa; honoring Balder, Mimir and the Well-Wight (an entity Valgrind works with in her oracular seidhr practice).

Waxing moon - Growth, including plant growth; earth healing; wortcunning; honoring the younger members of Odin's family, especially Bragi andf Idunna.

Full moon - Healing of the oceans and other bodies of water; divination; blessing; honoring our patrons; brewing; pathwalking.

Waning moon - Warding, protection, banishing; study of old texts (Anglo-Saxon charms, the Eddas, grimoires, etc.) for shamanic/magickal purposes; honoring the elder Gods in Odin's family, especially His parents Borr and Bestla, and the founder of the Aesir clan, Buri.

Our Holytides

Yule - December 21 - January 1

Charming of the Plough/Ewemeolc - February 1/2

Eostre - Spring Equinox (March 21/22)

May Day - May 1st

Midsummer/Litha - Summer Solstice (June 21/22)

Lammas - August 1/2

Harvest Tide - Fall Equinox (September 21/22)

Hallows - October 31/Nov 1