Runic Journaling for Yule

This is a simple journaling exercise for the Twelve Nights of Yule; it was written by Gunnlod-Hjarta and several of our members have found it helpful.

Light a candle and, going through the Futhark in order, meditate and journal on the following questions. (You can also put the appropriate rune tile, cards, etc. on your altar as focal points.) The questions can be altered as desired; the point of the exercise is to serve as a meditative/introspective stock-taking of the past year, through a runic lens.

1. Fehu and Uruz: How has abundance manifested in my life this year? Where is my strength?
2. Thurisaz and Ansuz: What obstacles stand in my way? What inspires me? How do I inspire others?
3. Raidho and Kenaz: What journeys (either literal or spiritual) have I made this year? What have I crafted?
4. Gebo and Wunjo: What gifts have I given and received? What has brought me joy?
5. Hagalaz and Nauthiz: What upheavals have I dealt with? What do I need?
6. Isa and Jera: Where do I need to slow down, show more caution? What have I harvested?
7. Eihwaz and Perthro: What initiations have I experienced? What preparations have I made for the coming year?
8. Algiz and Sowilo: How do I ward myself? What insights have come to me?
9. Tiwaz and Berkano: What victories have I achieved? What in me has died this year? What has been born?
10. Ehwaz and Mannaz: What has been confirmed for me this year? How do I relate to my community?
11. Laguz and Inguz: How do I work with my dreams? What seeds have I planted, and what have I sacrificed to nourish them?
12. Dagaz and Othala: What doors have opened for me? What doors have closed? Where is my true home?